So I got my first tattoo a few days ago, and have been feeling a lot of anxiety about it since.

So a bit of background. This was not an impulsive tattoo by any means. I have wanted a tattoo as long as I can remember, and have always looked at people with tattoos enviously. I thought I would get a tattoo the moment I turned 18 but could never decide what I wanted (am currently in my early twenties.)

I am a big world traveler and am currently living abroad. Once I started traveling I started thinking about getting a tattoo of flowers to represent the places I’ve lived. For the past year I have been thinking about this. I am currently living near Hong Kong, and I found an amazing tattoo parlor and put in a request for an artist. After finalizing details, I had a 4 month waiting period before this tattoo, and never once thought it was a bad idea. I saw a sketch of the flowers a week before the tattoo, and fell in love immediately. I literally saw the sketch for a second and said “it’s perfect,” and was so excited for the tattoo leading up to it. The day of I was nervous, naturalnie, but went through a 4 hour session and came out with my tattoo of flowers (all with specific meaning) on my shoulder blade.

After the tattoo I felt awful. I think I was expecting to immediately love my tattoo (like I loved the sketch) but I was freaked out to look at my shoulder. I think that I’m a little overwhelmed by how big the tattoo is (tak, I knew it was going to be big after the sketch, but still felt overwhelmed). The tattoo itself is gorgeous, all done in black linework, my artist did a great job. That being said, since I’ve gotten it it still kind of freaks me out when I catch glimpses of the tattoo, and I keep thinking DO I regret this, or is it common to have to get used to a tattoo? I have been thinking about this for SO long, and I think it scares me more that I feel this way after having thought about it for this long.

If you guys have ever experienced mixed feelings or anxiety after a tattoo, or if it’s ever taken time to get used to a tattoo please let me know any advice or stories, anything to help ease my mind!


Take another Xanax and post a picture of your new tattoo


LOL the ultimate buyers remorse !

you have to get over this one,it’s kinda not something you can just return !

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łał, I’ve never felt like that after a new one. I m always excited. They always come out very differently than I had been imagining, but way better.



Gorycz złej jakości jest pamiętany długo po słodycz niskiej ceny dawno zapomnianej.

oh dear.