Cześć chłopaki :)!
Just joined as i have my first tattoo and its been fxcked already!!!
I havent yet posted a picture but if anyone can help me or draw me a rough sketch of a small cover up i would really really appreciate it:)!!


You should find a good cover up artist in your area and have them design the cover up. Where are u located? Someone mightbe able to recommend an artist for u.

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Im from wellingborough/east midsIf im honest it not really a cover up, its just one letter is wrong haha! You free to draw anything up mate?


Most of us here are enthusiasts, not necessarily artists. ja, myself, can’t draw a stick figure for shit. 🙂 We need to see a picture of the tattoo in order to recommend what we think can fix, help or cover it. This isn’t really an ‘artist on demand’ forum, but more of an advice one (the design request sub-thread should be removed). You will hear most people recite the golden rule: ‘Go see your tattoo artist.Although in your case, go see a GOOD tattoo artist. We can try and recommend good artists in your area. powodzenia!

Curiosity was framed. Ignorance killed the cat.

Przepraszam, but almost everything about this request is… głupi.

po pierwsze, you can’t design anything to cover anything else, without seeing it first.
Po drugie, you don’t decide a date for a coverup without having figured out what you’re going to do first.
Third, you rushed into your first one and you messed it up. Don’t rush into the fixing of it.

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