After a 2.5 year journey of bad and good for my Superman half sleeve project, my artist and I have finally come to the final conclusion to finish it.

Since I had to go to the artist I have now to fix up another artist’s fuck-up, we are going to go with a Superman Vs Bizarro fight scene with the existing tattoo. The transformation should be an epic scene.

2.5 Lata temu, original tattoo (coverup of tribal) that needed fixed:


Current theme:


Bizarro character (imperfect clone of Superman):


Bizarro transformation:




The full scene is going to be Superman VS Bizarro, with Superman flying across and atop my shoulder, looking withinthe direction of Bizarro.

Concept of placement:

When all said and done, I can finally get this finished and be mentally happy with the finished piece. It’s been years in the making to try and figure out a way to fix up the tattoo that was originally screwed up. when it’s all done, it’ll be a bangin’ kawałek.

I am making the appointment on my next day off and eager to see the final transition. myśli?


Looks better and I really like your idea.

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Dzięki. I first tried to turn that crap up-top and salvage it into Superman. We attempted, but it will always look like the Bizarro character so I ultimatley came up with the idea of having my new artist complete her piece and have the opportunity to do her own Superman.

We actually stumbled upon something neat that allows us to do what we’re going to do, even with the purple & pink sky with the Superman symbols behind him.

Bizarro’s colors are a dark purple & pink so it works perfectly. The work we have to do now is to turn the existing Superman tattoo into a darker suite, ala Bizarro and turn his skin a pale & Szary, as you see above.