cześć ludzie, I have a small cover up area, it’s nothing much, a line of small black stars. I have got the idea in my head and gave it to the artist on an email. He has totally dashed the idea full on. Do I take that and move on or do I try other artists? I don’t see how ANYTHING can’t be drawn? This guy is a good artist, I’m quite surprised he wouldn’t even trywould you keep asking around or save yourself the trauma of no, Nie, Nie!? I had my heart set on it, totally. Wish I could draw!!


Maybe it was a polite way of saying he doesn’t want to do it. maybe it was too simple?

Mapa zrobiłem wielkich artystów z całego świata – http://thebragartlist.mobuapps.london/

It’s hard to tell if you should give up on the idea or not when you haven’t posted your idea. Someone here might even be able to draw it for you. *Hint hint*


Ok but it sounds kind of weird. It’s not simple that’s for sure lol.

It’s so hard to explain but in my head looks amazing.

You have to imagine this as an almost scribbly, whimsical drawing. Not lots of clean lines all over the place, except where it really counts.

Some swirly like cotton wool clouds just below my shoulder, top of my arm. Within the clouds a very smudged chalky rainbow but not necessarily perfectly curved. Below the clouds, some bunting held in place by a little bird each end of the string. Below the bunting a scribbly tree, but the green of the tree would be merged with the clouds, as it one long continuous stroke of a pencil, just the colours start to change as it goes from the whites/blues of the clouds to the greens of the leaves in the tree, as it continues down the trunk, the roots and then eventually a sea/waves below, so the roots merge with the water. In the water, a couple of little tiny fish and a tiny mermaid, almost a silhouette but with a little definition. In the space to the right of the tree and above the water, would be a faerie to match the style of the mermaid, a couple of toadstools.

See it SOUNDS shit, Dobrze? But in my head, it’s a perfect dreamy drawing. But could it ever be a tattoo? He said it won’t work as a cover up. He said it’s too much detail to fit onto an upper arm,