Siema chłopaki, wanted to get your opinion on these two artists. I’m looking to get, not so much a portrait of something where I take a picture of someone I know to an artist and getting the exact replica of it. But I’m looking to get a portrait of a realistic womans face blowing smoke out of her mouth. I might want to add a couple more things to it, like sunglasses on her face with the reflection of a city skyline, but I’m not sure yet.

Anyway here are the two artists:



What do you think of both, and who would you choose?

looney bin escapee

One is more cartoony than the other.

I looked at Dave Allen’s tatts in the link you provided. I met the Dalai Lama when he came here to Hawaii. He does not look like that. Its almost as if he does his portraits through a fish-eye lens.

Depends on what style you are looking for more.


Definitely two different styles. I’m just not sure which style I like more. To me Dave Allen would be the better pick, I’m just not sure how he’d make the smoke look, and if I added the sunglasses with the reflection I’m not sure how that would look either. Not that I think he’d do a bad job, its just the fact that I don’t really see those two elements in his work.


Well out of the two tattooers links that you provided, I prefer Daves portfolio than the first. I agree they are two different styles. What you are looking to get fits Daves style closer than the other. That’s my 2 centów. powodzenia.



Where are you located? If you are near San Fran go chek out Shotsie Gorman