I’ve been thinking about getting a tattoo, and the only thing I can think of is relating to aviation. I’ve thought about just getting a plane or helicopter or something, but I just don’t like the idea of that. I’d rather have like a symbol or something that relates to it but I can’t find anything. I’ve also thought about a tribal type tattoo of a helicopter (facing the helicopter point of view). I was wondering if anyone could sketch up something like that..

I’ve read in other posts that people recommend having the artist draw it instead of bring a picture, I just want to state this is more for me and seeing if this is something I’d actually consider getting..

If anyone has any ideas other then the tribal, feel free to post.. Każda pomoc jest mile widziana.


Dont get tribal lol!

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Personally I would hold off. Just keep thinking and eventually a great idea/design will come to you. There’s no rush to get a tattoo, in particular something you could possibly regret.
The first sentence from your post makes you sound as though you just want one for the sake of it. Apologies if that’s not what you meant however IMO that’s how it comes across.
From my own personally experience for a number of years since I was around 18 I thought about getting a tattoo but always bailed outTHANK GOD because they were rubbish ideas that I would have regretted. Then when I was 22 I thought of an idea and it took a further 12 months to get it dialled in (myself then being 23). And now I have a tattoo I’m extremely happy with.


Don’t get a tribal, coi, a celtic cross and you can’t go far wrong really. or for the love of god not a quote.

Idziesz do szczeka cały dzień małego pieska lub idziesz do gryzienia?
Wardy;117838 napisał:
Don’t get a tribal, coi, a celtic cross and you can’t go far wrong really. or for the love of god not a quote.

Quoted for complete accuracy, and an amazing grasp of the English language. :rolleyes:

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