I’m just curious, being a huge fan of Zep (and 60s and 70s rock) of how many other people have Led Zeppelin tattoos or any other psychedelic/classic rock band. I just got mine a couple days ago and I can’t wait to get my third one.


    The first tat i got still has to do with psychedelic stuff, well drugs anyway. It’s a quote from Timothy Leary, the LSD guru from the 60s-70s.:


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    I must admit, I don’t have any band tattoos (except my own) but I am a huge Led Zepplin fan also, I know alot about that quote and Timothy Leary, and the phsycedelic drugs. I must say I’ve Turned on, Tuned in, and Dropped out to many times to count, but with many bills and kids and responsabilities it isn’t the same. Just like with anything it’s hard to enjoy when you have to be concerned about so much outside influence. ( Kids don’t do this at home). Heel aardig, can’t wait to see what else you get!

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