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So this is my fourth tattoo that I’ve ever gotten. I just got it on Sept. 1. My artist saran wrapped it and I kept it on for a few hours. Echter, I had work the next morning so I bought some Tegaderm to cover it. After the few hours I washed it, put the tega and some aquaphor healing ointment on there and slept over night and kept it on the next morning until around 2pm after work, then took it off and washed it.

I thought the red was blood as usual, but then saw these little red dots underneath the surface of my skin. They aren’t raised nor are they itchy. There is a slight burn and soreness but I believe it’s the usual that comes w a new tattoo. I’ve just been washing and drying it out + taking benadryl to help but it seems to remain the same. Since the bumps aren’t raised I’m assuming it’s just bruising from the trauma to my skin? I wanted a few opinions to feel safer about it not being an infection.

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