So on Good Friday I sat for the start of my sleevemy artist wanted to do just the line work in the first session to give it time to heal.

Booked in for the next session already for colour and shading.

The plan is to blend three styles for the sleeve:
Robotic / Steampunk Koi fish on the outer bicep with a smokey / oily water background incorporating some of the traditional elements such as the flowers and bright colours.

Inner bicep is still to be decidedI am trying to think of something to tie it all together and not just use background / mengisi

Forearm will be a bio-organic.

The inner bicep will have a small section that includes my first tattoo which is currently on my wrist and will be covered by bio-organic.

So here’s how it looks so far:

Now before anyone comments that there is a ‘mistakeon the clock faceit’s by design to add a touch of quirkiness to the piece, the time is when I was born.


a unique touch to the classic koi, Nampak bagus. the line work is a tad bit inconsistent but i think in the end the piece will look great. Menjaga kita mencatatkan.

instagram: jookiest