I’ve had this tattoo for a few years now and I don’t like it at allIs there anyway it can be covered up? I can’t really afford to get laser treatment AND a cover up

I’ve seen a cover up before that was black tribal and was covered up by red roses successfullywas thinking something like that?

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It’s pretty dark, so I would think you would get best results if you lazered it first. I know you say you can’t afford both procedures but maybe you can after a bit of saving.
I think it would be better to wait in the long run, and then get it covered up properly instead of getting a mediocre cover up you’re going to hate and want to cover in a few year again.

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I’ve covered up worse with bio-mechanical.


it can be covered up fairly easily by a competent artist, but you need to go BIG in order to do so.

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Are you planning on dying soon?

How can you not have enough money to laser and replace?

Its not a matter of how much money you have now it a matter of slowing down and planning the long term.

Doing what you thought was a good idea and you could afford is what got you here right?

Start laser, do it as often as you can afford and in the mean time start looking for a good artist to do your cover up.

Wait until you have enough lasered off then start saving for your new ink.

Or plan B just get some huge cheap crap plastered over wehat you have and then moan about hating it in a few months.