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15th janvāra tetovējums ziņas 2020!

Tetovējums Ziņas 2020

Dundee tattoo parlour raises money for bushfire victims A Dundee based tattoo artist has been tattooing small koalas bear in aid of the bushfire victims in Australia. The recent bushfire in Australia has destroyed large amounts of land. The scale of the fire is near to the size of England, leaving Australia without wildlife or

19th decembris Tetovējums Ziņas

Tattoo News December 19th

Wales Calls For Stricter Tattoo Licence Regulations In the past few years, the tattoo industry has boomed on the high street. So getting a tattoo is easier than ever before. Not to mention how far technology has come! The ink we have today is far superior and tattoo artists can create longer-lasting detail in the

Tetovējums Ziņas 12. decembrī

Getting tattooed

Starstruck Angelina Fan Angelina Jolie was recently introduced to one of her fans recently at a west end show, Alex Thomas-Smith, who was a stand-in for Dear Evan Hansen at the west end. Thomas-Smith was able to show Jolie his tattoo of her. The performer has Angelina’s face tattooed on his arm. The incase you

Tetovējums News 5. decembris 2019

Malaysian Tattoo Convention Mayhem Malaysia’s recent tattoo convention has left Malaysian officials have been outraged over the convention. Ethnic Malay Muslims make up around 62% of the countries population. Malaysian authorities have said that they had not granted permission for “half naked parades”. This came to light as many of the attendees at the tattoo

Tetovējumi Ziņas 28. novembris

Tetovējums Ziņas 28. novembris

The meaning of Selena’s new tattoo Selena Gomez has recently debuted a new thigh tattoo of a pair of praying hands. This piece is nicely detailed and has rosary beads hanging off the wrists. The tattoo was spotted in an Instagram post. Which features a collection of polaroid photos, where Selena is celebrating her day

Tetovējums Ziņas 7. novembris

Tetovējums News Of The Week Tetovējumu pasaule nekad nav garlaicīgi vienam. Ar jauno slavenību tetovējumiem, drāma un daži patiesi pārsteidzošs mākslinieki, kas tur. Nav brīnums, ka ir ziņas par ziņojumu. We are happy to present this weeks tattoo news with you. Kat Von D shocks again You're more than likely aware of Kat Von D if you watched

Tetovējums Ziņas 23. oktobris

Tetovējums Ziņas oktobris 2019

Mixing things up in the world of Tattoos. A fan of the pop music group ‘Little Mix’ has recently gotten member Perrie Edwards tattooed on his upper arm. Which Perrie herself saw the tattoo and reacted to it. The tattoo is highly detailed, the image tattooed onto the fan’s arm is one of Perrie’s modelling