My mentor thinks that making people pay is a rip off. He says that if the right person with the right portfolio comes along at the right time, they shouldn’t have to pay. He thinks it’s enough that you provide at least a year of unpaid labor (before you actually begin to tattoo) and agree to stay at his shop for five years. You more than make it worth his while and yours. I did have to buy all my own stuff. He suggested what I should get and helped me to set up accounts with quality suppliers.

One of the other interesting things he told me after I completed my apprenticeship was that only about 1 ...에서 10 people who start an apprenticeship actually have what it takes and become tattoo artists. He’s pretty good at finding talent though. He found Josh Woods, Josh Avery, Joel Menter, and Brian Pierce before me. I can only hope to be in their league some day but if he chose me, I want to make him proud and hopefully surpass them all some day.

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I wouldnt mind paying something, I think it is more of a sign of cimmitment to the best mentors than any kind of fee

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Since I was 14 years old I have wanted to be a tattoo artist. I am now 18 and in the process of obtaining my GED. From there I plan on taking several art courses to sharpen my skills and build my portfolio. After that I will then begin my search for an apprenticeship. After reading your post I find myself more knowledgeable and better equipted for that search, so thanks for that. I do have one concern though that I fear will hinder my future apprenticeship. I love tattoos and am fascinated with the history behind people’s tattoos and tattoo history. It blows my mind to think that one day I may be able to use my abilities to give someone something that they get to keep forever. I do however have an issue when it comes to getting tattooed myself. I have for some reason never been able to decide what tattoo I would ever want. I can’t just on a whim say, “당신은 알고있다, I think I want a tattoo today.I could spend a month planning one for myself and still come up with nothing. Eventually I’m sure I will come to a decission and get my first tattoo. Even so, it troubles me when on TV and in magazines all I see are these inked up artists who are well known and respected throughout the industry. I can’t ever imagine myself ever appearing like them, but that doesn’t change my desire to be a tattoo artist, or my artistic ability. I am wondering though, will this impede my desire to be a successful artist in this industry?


I think it shows you have common sense. A tattoo is not something to blindly jump into. (check recent “십자가” tattoo debate.)
Think about it. A great idea will come to you.

행운을 빕니다, keep us informed.

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