Laura Ann Swift- Creepin Reaper Tattoo

Laura Ann Swift has a diverse tattoo portfolio with her excelling at every style she does. With blackwork, traditional and neo-traditional work spread across her Instagram feed. She operates out of Creepin Reaper Tattoo Studio in Stoke, しかしながら, also offers regular slots at Tooth and Talon in Manchester. One thing you will notice with Laura’s work is how striking it is, each piece no matter of the size, you can’t help but be mesmerised at her talent. If you’re looking to get a traditional tattoo or some gorgeous blackwork, Laura is your gal!

GhostimageThe Ink Spot

J D Kenny (gfhostimage_artwork) who also goes by GhostImage is a tattoo artist based at The Ink Spot in Stoke on Trent. You may recognise the name from last year when we did an interview with him, which you can read here. J D is a super talented artist who offers a variety of styles, しかしながら, he does a lot of realism and blackwork pieces which are always jaw-dropping. Ghostimage tends to bring a spooky twist to his work, with creatures, clowns, voodoo dolls and famous faces within the horror genre making regular appearances.

If you’re looking to get a tattoo with a spooky style, J D is your man!

Bex Heath- Old Smithy Tattoo

Not strictly based in Stoke on Trent, しかしながら, Bex Heath is based in Leek which is pretty close. We had to include her on this list as her bright and bold style caught our eye. With Disney themed ink spanning across her feed, you’re bound to fall in love with some of her tattoos. As well as Disney Bex has a portfolio featuring a variety of famili