Whats up guys, hopefully this is the correct place to put this. I just have a quick question for you all. So I have a really sick idea for a leg sleeve Ive been coming up with. I want to make sure this is done right so Im planning on traveling out of state to a very well know artist to get it done. I have three artists in mind that would do a sick job on the tattoo. It also works out because they are already booked at least a year or two in advance, which will give me time to work out the idea and save money for the piece and travel costs.

So anyway my question is when you want to set up an appointment with an artist whos booked at least a year in advance, would it be a smart idea to also request/ send an email to the other artists your interested in to see if they would like to do the piece? Or should I just decide on one and see if they would like to do it, and if not then call/email the others?