So i’ve had my left side labret pierced for almost 2weeks (Tuesday makes 2 minggu) and i have went back to my piercer on friday to get it changed to a shorter bar because the long one was just to long after the swelling went down.So now i have a 1/2Labret stud in my lip atm and today it seems to be indenting in my lip on the inside. It doesn’t hurt and the skin isn’t growing over it. Is this normal? Is it because i changed the bar and it needs to settle down again? the bar is titanium just like the 1st one (They only use and sell titanium jewelry). Other than that everything is fine. I clean it twice a day and everything i’m suppose to do. I don’t know the next size up from a 1/2but i’m thinking it’s the long one like the 1st one i had in. Also i have naturally thick lips.

I know when it heals i want to change it to a ring so i’m wondering if i can change it out for a ring after 4 weeks or to wait longer. Would there be any problems with changing it from a stud to a ring? I’m wondering this because i plan on wearing mostly rings in it.

If i could get it changed to a snug horseshoe ring i would because not sure if ill find the right size labret bar. When i had my center labret it was hard as he// to find the labret stud in the right size so i retired it (this was before i knew about CBRs and BCRs and such)