The meaning behind Ants new tattoo!

Ant McPartlin has recently made a come back to TV after a year. He has been spotted with an arrow tattooed on his right forearm, and a tattoo of a rose on his left. Many speculate the tattoos are a reference to his recovery from alcohol and prescription drug addiction.

It’s clear that these tattoos are very personal and meaningful to him, so it’s great to see he has recovered well, after putting aside his television career to focus on his recovery. Since he is a part of the duo act, Ant and Dec, other presenters have stepped in on Ant’s behalf whilst he was away. Ant has been spotted with a few more new tattoos, azonban, the meanings behind these have not been revealed and it’s unclear what they could be.


Luton Criminal Identified By A Tattoo

A Luton man has recently been arrested and charged with burglary, attempted burglary, and theft of a motor vehicle. Szerencsére, he was identified thanks to a Ring the doorbell, and a tattoo on his right hand. Video doorbells are a fantastic invention as they let you survelle your house remotely, and check who may be knocking at your front door. The man, named Christopher South, attempted to make a forced entry into a property but was unsuccessful.

He later tried to access another property and managed to steal a car, making him able to steal a car, a designer wallet and a designer coat. Upon police reviewing footage from a Ring doorbell, they noticed his hand tattoo. His tattoo was a very simple initial on his hand, azonban, it was enough for police to identify him.

He later admitted to his crimes whilst being questioned, and admitted to selling the items he stole and leaving the stolen car somewhere in Luton.

Should face tattoos be banned for under 21 year olds?

In recent years, face tattoos have increased dramatically. In popular culture, many rap artists use face tattoos to express their art; notable examples of rap artists with face tattoos include Lil Peep and Post Malone. The inclusion of face tattoos into popular culture means that it is going from being taboo to socially acceptable. Many young people may look up to these artists and think that they can make careers too if they just get face tattoos, this is widely debated today.

Since tattoos that are visible can possibly affect a person’s job prospects, so the question of if people aged under 21 should be allowed to get a face tattoo. The British Tattoo Artist Federation say that facial tattoos can put off an employer from hiring someone with face tattoos.

Lee Clements, a member of the BTAF says “I can’t go a week without a young person coming into our stud