Hé srácok!
my name is Remy and I am 16 éves (in februari I turn 17). I live in the netherlands in a place called Alphen aan den Rijn. for my 17th birthday I want to get a tattoo on my right shoulder, probably a wolf. there is a story why i want this and if you don’t want to read this or just don’t care please go on read something else, but for the few of you who are interested, I will write it down.
I hope you enjoy it 🙂

since 4th grade in elementary school (én voltam 8) i got bullied at school, NAGYON. I told my parents often i was sick and tried everything to stay at home and not go to school. I tried everything, but I am not the person that likes to fight, so the bullying didn’t stop. because I didn’t had that many friends ( and the friends I did have lived pretty far away) so I didn’t go play outside that often. the only ting I did when I came home was study, Lego, play computer games and go to bed.
When I finally reached High school I hoped it all would be over and I could have a fresh start, but I was wrong. Because I didn’t go outside that often and played a lot of video games I was a nerd and fat (145cm and 75kg), and the only guys who want to be a friends with a nerdare nerds themselves.
So when I heard in second grade of High school (én voltam 14) we would be moving to different place by the end of the year I made a promise to myself: I wanted to become a normal boy with normal friends and do normal stuff. So I started going to the gym, started following boxing lessons. my weight dropped and I started being a lot happier.
when I moved to Alphen and was placed in a new class with new people I immediately started making friends. I was finally normal weight (180cm 70kg), and a kind of muscled. I started going out,