Hello guys, here’s the thing.I’ve had my first tattoo 4 napja, and i was wondering if it is safe to attend my kick boxing training at this point.Of course, i won’t be doing any matches or anything, but can i at least work out with the rest of the team, ensuring that my tattoo won’t betouchedin any way?
P.S Having some piercings in the past, i know that my body takes some more time than most people to regenerate.After 4 days my tattoo has started today to crack, peel and scab here and there.Oh, and i have it on my arm, just below my shoulder.
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most of the artists I have delt with ask that we wait a week,
honestly now that Ive been in a gym 34 évek, a week or two doesnt hurt, I woudl rather properly heal the piece I am going to wear forever

jelenleg visel 250 órák, és még sok más, hogy menjen, vidám magyarázza, mi a tinta segítségével, ez személyes, ez arról, hogy ki vagyok