היי! I got some tattoo work done on an ongoing half sleeve. I don’t know if Im being paranoid but it looks a little funky to me. this is day 5 been treating with h2ocean. sent to my tattoo artist who has been tattooing me for years he days does not look infected maybe a bit over moisturized. can I get some reassurance from some professionals? תודה! https://imgur.com/AoOY67E https://imgur.com/a/jONu8


It looks okay to me.
Too much moisturizer is just as bad, if not worse, than no moisturizer at all.

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I’m trying to use as little as possible. twice a day only. is that pretty good?


I am a relative newbieboth to the forum and to tattoos. I got my first about a month ago. From my own limited experience and what I’ve read here and other places, how much you use is just as or more important than how often. Make sure you only use a small amount of moisturizersome folks advocate using none at alland rub it in gently but thoroughly. You should barely be able to see it when you are donethen take a clean paper towel and blot to remove any excess. With mine, I saw quickly how using too much would lead to areas that appeared to be bubbling. Once I made sure I wasn’t over-applying the healing process went smoothly. Less is definitely more in this case.

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Does not look infected

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