Hi my name is Reynaldo.

I got my first tattoo at 18, and I’m new to the tattooing scene.

I’ll post pictures of my projects, currently struggling with line work and actually getting ink to stay on practice skin. -_-

I already tattooed myself on my leg and it’s trash but a start.

I will also be posting questions (hopefully I don’t piss off any oldheads) I may have on tattooing.

I also decided to get into tattooing to learn a new craft and get good at it. In curiosity of being decent with pencil and paper but that doesn’t matter because this is literally learning to use a new kind of pencil.Lol


Any questions on tattooing should be answered by your mentor. Do not ask them here. If you don’t have a mentor stop tattooing


You shouldn’t be tattooing anyone, including yourself, or even own a gun unless you are completing a proper apprenticeship. If you want to get good, לצייר, build a sketch portfolio and hope for an apprenticeship. Do not tattoo anyone.


כֵּן, serve an apprenticeship. That way you learn every aspect of becoming a tattooer.

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