I was tattooing (מגרד) מ 84 ל 96, mainly old-school style and Japanese work. Spent 20 years out of tattooing after graduating in design, then running a design company and teaching at university for 15 שנים.

Currently running a training company and still very involved in commercial design practice.

I’ve maintained an interest in tattooing as an ‘enthusiastduring the intervening years and have decided to start up again, though this time fully licensedthis is in progress right now.

I’m looking to fill knowledge gaps as I work towards new styles. ‘New schoolsuits my design/ilustration style, though also keen to master B&G work and pieces without outlines.

Back in the day graduated shading was all ‘whipped’ ב, no washes, and lining was uniform througout a piece; a bit like a kid’s colouring book. So I have stuff to learn!

I currently love the renaissance and general acceptance that tattooing is enjoying and I hope to contribute positively to the craft.


Welcome Alice


ברוך הבא! Lots of great knowledge and ideas here.

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