Un royalement bon tatouage!

Une nouvelle exposition aura lieu au palais de Buckingham 2020, révèle les journaux que le roi George V avait en fait un tatouage d'un dragon et le tigre sur ses bras. Le roi George V était roi du Royaume-Uni et la République Dominicaine. A côté de devenir empereur de l'Inde. The actual photographs of the tattoos have never been shown, toutefois, it is noted at during a visit to Japan when George was 16, he had the tattoos done.

Each tattoo, the dragon and tiger were placed specifically on George’s arms to signify east and west. This is an interesting story and the diaries detail further about the process of the tattoo, such as the individuals and artists they were with, the tools used. As many would assume the idea of tattoos among the royal family is strictly taboo.

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Tattoo laser removal to regain help confidence for one cancer survivor

A cancer survivor has been left with a permanent blue scalp after a false hair tattoo went wrong. Marcus Miller aged 48 sadly lost all his hair during chemotherapy treatments during his battle with Testicular cancer. Marcus decided to look into getting a head tattoo, one which replicates stubble to give the illusion that he has a shaved head. Malheureusement, after the painful procedures, he was left with something far from what we wanted.

Malheureusement, this tattoo has brought nothing but distress to his life. Marcus feels like he can no longer live the same life he used to. The ink makes him anxious about going outside and doing his day to day activities. After spending £250 on the hair tattoo and £1,500 on a specialist wig, Marcus was approached by Stevie Barry. Who owns Laser Tattoo Removal Scotland. Stevie volunteered and promised to help Marcus, who is hopeful that he can help Marcus.

Marcus Miller

The perfect match?

Home And Away star Orpheus Pledger has recently revealed his matching tattoo with his girlfriend Bella Rogers. The pair have been dating for two months, so quite a new relationship. Orpheus and Bella have their tattoos placed between their thumbs and index fingers, the tattoo is of a crown. Each crown is styled for a crown to suit either a ‘Kingor a ‘Queen’, so it’s clear that they are seriously committing their love for one another.

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Activism gone too far?

Musician Moby has debuted some new ink, En septembre 2019 he was photographed with a new neck tattoo that reads “VEGAN FOR LIFEin block font. He has posted a photo of his arms showing off his new tattoo promoting animal rights. The tattoo spans both of his arms with descending text in block capitals that says “ANIMAL RIGHTS”.

It’s clear that Moby is making a statement with his tattoos and wants to use his body as a way to promote veganism and animal rights, as he has recently celebrated his 32 years of being vegan. This tattoo was done by LA Ink star Kat Von D, who is also renowned for her vegan lifestyle and tattoo work.