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    Hello I am a tattoo apprentice and I am looking for some honest advice, I have been Apprenticing for one year now. The question that I have and the opinion that I am looking for is regarding my own tattoos on my body. I have a sleeve on one arm that is halfway completed with empty unfilled lines on my forearm which is taking a very long time to complete. That is not a big deal I can wait, he is doing for free. but however, on my other lower forearm is a very dark muddy piece that is really really bothering me done by the owner, and a dark cover up on my shoulder. I would like my mentor to add color to my muddy forearm piece but he will not work on it until the sleeve that he is working on is finished which is understandable. I Just recently I found a very nice brightly-coloured piece that I am absolutely excited about and in love with. I really would love to have this piece between the dark piece on my forearm done by the owner, and the dark cover-up that is on my shoulder to make it the focal point of my arm.when I want this tattoo very badly. I feel like this tattoo would make me feel a lot better about myself until I can get to fixing details later on the others. the problem being is that I cannot ask my mentor to do this tattoo as he already has his hands full working on my sleeve and I do not want to ask the owner because I’m not sure this tattoo would be his style and I’m not too happy with the last one he did. I am so excited about the piece that I found and want it so badly but I can’t ask anybody at the shop. I have no problem paying money to have it done I would gladly pay cash to have that very lovely piece put on my arm but with no one being able to do it for me at the shop the thought came into my mind of making an appointment at another shop which I know sounds like a very bad idea but at the same time I really want to do something that would make me happy and less worried about the very large muddy dark piece on the bottom. my question about this is whether or not it would be a bad idea to be tattooed at another shop I’ve worked very hard for this apprenticeship for a year now and I don’t want to do anything to upset the other artists please give me your honest opinion on what you think would be the best thing for me to do in the situation. thank you so much for reading this long post.

    • I would speak to them about it. show them the design and also find an artist that does that kind of design really really well.
      Then after speaking to them let them know you might use that specific artist who does that kind of style really well. explain that you really like their work and want to experience it as you are learning.
      If they fall out with you over that? then perhaps it wasn’t the best place to begin with.
      Most artists would appreciate going to a specific artist for their specific style. if they start getting funny about it then its up to you whether or not to follow through.