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19e Décembre Tattoo Nouvelles

Tattoo News December 19th

Wales Calls For Stricter Tattoo Licence Regulations In the past few years, the tattoo industry has boomed on the high street. So getting a tattoo is easier than ever before. Not to mention how far technology has come! The ink we have today is far superior and tattoo artists can create longer-lasting detail in the

Tattoo Nouvelles 12 de Décembre

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Starstruck Angelina Fan Angelina Jolie was recently introduced to one of her fans recently at a west end show, Alex Thomas-Smith, qui était un remplaçant pour Evan Hansen Cher à l'extrémité ouest. Thomas-Smith a pu montrer son tatouage Jolie de sa. L'artiste a le visage d'Angelina tatoué sur son bras. The incase you

Tattoo Nouvelles 5ème Décembre 2019

Malaysian Tattoo Convention Mayhem Malaysia’s recent tattoo convention has left Malaysian officials have been outraged over the convention. Ethnic Malay Muslims make up around 62% of the countries population. Malaysian authorities have said that they had not granted permission for “half naked parades”. This came to light as many of the attendees at the tattoo

Nouvelles Halloween Tattoo | édition du 31 octobre

Nouvelles Halloween Tattoo

les fans de nouvelles de tatouage Halloween heureux! Voici les dernières nouvelles et plus nouvelles de tatouage de la dernière 7 (ish) journées. Amsterdam hosts it’s 15th international tattoo convention Recently, thousands of people attended Amsterdam’s 15th International Tattoo Convention. Many people attended to get new ink from their favourite artists, found a chance to meet their favourite artist and

Tattoo Nouvelles Octobre 23

Tattoo Nouvelles Octobre 2019

Mélanger les choses dans le monde des tatouages. Un fan du groupe de musique pop « Little Mix » a récemment obtenu membre Perrie Edwards tatoué sur son bras. Ce qui Perrie elle-même a vu le tatouage et ont réagi à ce. The tattoo is highly detailed, the image tattooed onto the fan’s arm is one of Perrie’s modelling