Hello my name is Maxi I am from Slovakia but this time living in Spain. I am interesting about tattoing and everything around it, this time I am lots drawing, visiting conventions and try get so much information what I can…
this is some my sketches…https://www.facebook.com/maxi.max.94/media_set?set=a.100881093283597.1782.100000851211818&type=3
do as well burning to the wood https://www.facebook.com/maxi.max.94/media_set?set=a.621477657890602.1073741843.100000851211818&type=3
and paintings https://www.facebook.com/maxi.max.94/media_set?set=a.943634489008249.1073741860.100000851211818&type=3

I am sorry for my english still learn and try improve myself


Welcome to the forum!

I hope you can find a good shop that will apprentice you and teach you the art of tattooing.

210 inking hours and counting.

Tattoos are for the living. Tombstones are for the dead. Get a tattoo for yourself!


Hi and welcome


Welcome to the forum.

The bitterness of poor quality is remembered long after the sweetness of a low price is long forgotten.
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