@Sherav 132566 wrote:

    I realised from the age of 12 that my career as a serial killer was never going to be taken seriously, unless I got some serious ink. So after both upper arms I decided to get the full back done.

    Needless to say that now when I have my thrill-kill face on the ink adds a certain flair to the situation…

    Actually my stepfather had his entire body covered (many of them prison ink) and many of his biker friends were covered. This started my fascination for them which along with my love of art kicked off my ink addiction.

    Take care

    Sherav! Been awhile man!


    Hiya Mike

    Yes life has thrown me some curves i’d rather of avoided but still around.

    Hope you are good.



    As British Matthew said, I just grew up around bikers and have always loved art. It was inevitable. Shit Sherav, are you sure you’re not my english clone?

    Or am I the American clone of you?

    I need a large drink, chased with an extremely large drink.

    Love. Peace. Metallica.


    I gave up drinking so needed a new passion 🙂

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