I have two cats,
rasva 3 year old orange and white male house cat
1 year old rescue cat, I had raised him, bottle fed froom about 3 viikkoa, his street whore mommy rejected hmi as her health was failing, he is all black short hair, awesome cat, sneeky, sinister, killer, aloof, curious, everyting a black cat should be

I have a dog, a 1 year old japanese chin,
if you dont know about the dog, perfect house dog,
doesnt shed alot, wash now and then, hardly brush, claws keep worn to an acceptable level just be walking hiim in sidewalk, doiesnt bark, they do sing and dance (for real), never sick,
he will sit and watch a movie or wrestle you, whatever you want, just about perfect

tällä hetkellä yllään 250 tuntia, ja paljon enemmän mennä, cant selittää, mitä minun musteaine, se on henkilökohtaista, se on siitä, kuka olen

Meillä on 1 cat at the moment. My kids started feeding her as a kitten and she stuck around. I’m guessing she got abandoned as she was just wandering the neighborhood.
We took her in and got her spade, she is mostly an indoor cat. she is very easy going and good natured, shes white with big black spots (piebald I think its called).
I have never been a cat person and I would never have let a cat live in my house if it had not been for my kids. She’s kind of grown on me now and I think I’d be sad if she was gone. I know that sounds corny but oh well.

Älä ota elämää liian vakavasti; ei kukaan hengissä.

This is Bugzy, my beloved bulldog. Sadly he died not too long ago aged only 5….

Before him I had 2 Staffordshire bull terriers called Jake and Casey. They had 5 litters together and died of old age 1 year apart.

Also had a Neapolitan Bull Mastiff called Vina. She was around 15 stones in weight, she had one litter and died soon afterwards

A green budgie called Perky, who flew out of an open window.

2 love birds, who turned out to be both female and were always fighting.

Ooops forgot my cat, Torsha. Yes you guessed he, he climbed up and electricity pole and was electrocuted.

Don’t seem to have much luck with pets really lol

At the moment I don’t have any pets but I definitely miss not having one. I will most definitely be getting some more but at the moment I have too much work and travelling going on.




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your bulldog is awesome!