Do temporary tattoo’s really exist, like 3-5year one’s?

    From what ive heard, they last about 4 years then take about 6 months to ‘break upthen the skin looks like it did before

    Wiki sayshttp://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Temporary_tattoo#Semi-permanent_tattoos

    Anyone got any experience with them / know anything about them / know anyone with one?

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    I have heard of that type of ink before but never heard of a tattoo shop actually using it.
    im sure it fades but doesnt go quite back to how your skin was before you had it done.
    leaves patches and marks.

    If you are worried you will not like a tattoo longer than a few years i would suggest not getting one done 😀


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    Apparently its called a ‘pigment tattoo’, its where the needle doesnt go as deep in the skin so it breaks down sooner


    Hi Diabolical

    Yes they do exist no I do not suggest you get one for several reasons;

    1. There is no regulation on the dye that the artist can use. It could be a form of veg dye (some of which can be toxic unless the artist knows what they are doing) or could be permanent tattoo ink.

    2. It would take a very pro artist to know what depth to goto on your skin this would have to be in the 3rd dermal layer any deeper and it remains permanent.

    3. These sort of tattoos often remain partially in the skin leaving scars, blobs, dots and poorly done outlines.

    My advice is have temp ones done in forms of henna or body paints as used in films.

    Or go for a perm tattoo.

    If you think that you might not want a tattoo for the rest of your life don’t do it.