This was my first tattoo that I got last year (it’s on my wrist if you can’t tell!). I want to update it a bit as it was never quite what I wanted (I wanted it to be simpler without all the dots). I want to keep with the snowflake theme but maybe add some more to make it look a bit better. I can’t have anything too big as I am a healthcare practitioner. I’m so unartistic I need some help! تشکر 🙂


    @یک نوع جنون دراثر مرض مالاریا که منجر به خودکشی میشود

Hello and welcome to the forum!

Can I ask that you please don’t create duplicate threads in multiple areas of the forum, one is enough thanks.

As far as your tattoo goes, I highly suggest finding a great artist and asking their advice on how to expand your tattoo. ما می توانیم شما برخی از ایده بدهد، اما یک هنرمند صالح بهتر از ما چه کار خواهد کرد بهترین می دانید و چه متناسب با نیازهای شما.
آیا شما چیزی هزینه نیست به راه رفتن به یک فروشگاه و یک چت.

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