My mom killed herself a year ago and I want to get the same tattoo she had and I’m having a hard time getting the design. She was a major tennis enthusiast and she had a tattoo of the U.S. Open tennis court with a ball in one of the corners. Its pretty simple it seems but I can’t find a good picture to bring to a shop, باید چکار کنم? I was thinking of doing something else for her because she had a lot of interests, I just don’t want to do the stereotypical in memoriam tattoo.
The second one I’m going to get is a moon, آفتاب, and stars, the stars having 9 points (because of the meaning). I’ve found some designs online but nothing original and I couldn’t find any with 9 point stars. I will pay anyone who can design one for me if I like it. I don’t care if the objects are infused together or all separate. I’m not big on color I prefer black, سفید, آبی, or red. If you do better with lots of color that’s cool I can change the color but of you do one with a lot of color and I actually like it I will pay you $50 extra, I have never seen a colorful fat I like they look cartoonish to me.
I can pay you through paypal or i’ll send you a money order. I wish there was a way I could guarantee it but just know I’ve been searching for the perfect tattoo for YEARS and I want something totally original that isn’t going to be found anywhere else. سلام, if you send me a design without moon, آفتاب, and star in it and I like it and choose it ill pay. Just know I am feminine, بودایی, and I love life. متشکرم.

    @غواص صخره

where are you located………i’d start shopping around local tattoo shops and talking to the artists about custom work…….

youcan go in there with ideas, but the artist that is goging to be applying the ink should really be doing the design…….

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