I got a tattoo last thursday (2nd Jan) and have been advised not to swim for about two weeks. However I have a swimming class on Monday, 10 days after getting it done. Should I go? The tattoo has healed very well and I have not had any problems with it.

    English skin

    Definately notit maybe 10 päeva vana, but its still an entry source for bacteriaI mean do you know what goes into the water at a swimming poolapart from urine, sweat and faecesthink of the chemicals as well.


    Depends on how heavy it is.

    sharp shorty
      @teravate shorty

    Tere tulemast foorum!

    English skin is right you cannot go into a pool of water of any kind, you will (most likely) have problems with it if you do. It’s to early.


    The point is why risk it? Definitely not a chlorine pool or the ocean (salt) which leaves you to your bathtub 😉 Splish Splash with rubber duckie!

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