Hi folks,

I am trying to study information concerning the legend of both phoenixes and dragons for tattoos that will wrap around opposite arms between the elbows and wrists. After about two years of trying to collect information online and following few books borrowed from libraries I seem to be going around in circles. So I am hoping someone here can assist.

My plans are to have the Phoenix to be similar to an eagle or suchlike and the Dragon to be surrounded by water and be at least from the same culture if not one directly connected with the bird. This rules out the Egyptian Bennu which resembles the Heron which leaves me with Greek, Chinese or Japanese iconography. It is here that I am getting lost.

The Chinese and Sino-Japanese Fenghuang do not immolate in a nest of flames as way of rebirth. As they are associated with fire, obedience, the sun and justice if I have the bird surrounded by fire and have Kanji for the other associations would this lose the cultural significance? Similarly although many Chinese or Japanese dragons are associated with water I can’t find any that are linked directly to a Phoenix.