Saluton, I have my first tattoo booked in for next Wednesday and I would gratefully take any advice on my design.
Firstly, I can’t draw.. at all.So I have used images from Google and put them together on paint. I’ve given the design to the artist and told him what I want but a few mates have told me to see what you guys could come up with!

I want Chespin (link above) jumping out of the scariest forest imaginable in an anime style.


That’s the forest image I used, but I want it a lot scarier. It’s meant to represent the intense fears and emotions of the past, with Chespin jumping out layered over it, escaping the clutches of the ‘hand branches’ (if that makes sense) and moving into the future. (And it won’t be an actual square)

The tattoo is going on the top of my left arm and briefly wrapping round onto my shoulder and will have the phraseDream without fear, love without limits” sube.

Hopefully somebody understands what the hell I’m going on about and can give some design input.

Thank very much.

PS. if there’s a way in which I can actually upload the image I created, I would love to know.


Newbs cant post pics just post link to the pic.

Your well vetted tattooist should be able to draw it out for you it is part of their job. If they can not draw it they are not the right tattooist for you.

It is strange that rarly anyone ever comes on here and asks is this a good tattooer but we sure see a lot of crap tattoos

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