The world of tattoos is never a boring one. With new celebrity tattoos, drama and some truly amazing artists out there. No wonder there is news to report. We are happy to present this weeks tattoo news with you.

Kat Von D shocks again

You’re more than likely aware of Kat Von D if you watched Miami Ink or L.A. Ink in the early 2000s, are a huge makeup fanatic or heard about her causing a huge stir last year with regards to not vaxinating her child.

So to see Kat trending again, we had to see what had happened now, To be greeted with her new blacked out arm tattoo, which is a popular trend at the moment. Where you can get a chunk of your skin filled in completely black. Na sicher, those who aren’t aware of the blacked out ink trend it can come at a bit of a shock.

People quickly fled to Instagram to advice how much they hated the tattoo. But that doesn’t faze Kat who came back with huge response which included:

“No, it doesn’t matter that you don’t like the way my arm looks. To each their own. Nein, this isn’t bad for my health [but thank you for caring!] When done correctly, tattoos don’t penetrate passed the second dermis layer of skin. And no, there is no lead, plastics, toxins in the professional-grade tattoo pigments that we use. Nowadays you can even find vegan-friendly pigments that works just as well, too.

My tattoo made me blind!

Amber Luke who goes by the name Blue Eyes White Dragon, went temporarily blind after getting eyes tattooed but she says she doesn’t regret it one bit. During Amber’s tattoo the artist went in too deep to her eyeball leaving her blind for 3 Wochen. Which she claims was “pretty brutal”if the procedure is done correctly, it shouldn’t leave you blind at all.

Amber is hoping to get her whole body covererd in tattoos by March next year, but has decided to strip back on the super risky body mods.

Dame Helen Mirren gets tattooed

Das 74 year old Dame has mentioned on Today whilst promoting her newest film that she’d love another tattoo. She advised that the older she gets the more she wants more. As well as stating that they’re a bit addictive.

We totally agree with you there Helen.