Ich habe mein erstes Tattoo 4 days ago and been using Vaseline on it since (I use the same vaseline my wife uses on our 6-months old son) I been told by friends to use it ’cause it’ll help my tattoo heals faster and would help it from getting infected. now me been reading some suggestions on this site and I learned that Vaseline isn’t a good choice.

    My tattoo just started peeling a bit and it’s getting itchy, but still looks goodis that ok or should I be worried??? please advise

    Coco C

    I would stop using vaseline now. Just go out and buy the pink baby lotion. Das ist alles, was Sie brauchen. The guy that does my tats has been doing them for 30 years and that’s all he says to use. You should be fine.

    mom of 4

    I have never been told to use vaseline. you’ll want to use a moisturizer that has no scent or colorat the place i go for tats, they give samples of lubridermit’s great. you can also try aveeno, eucerin or any other no scent, no color moisturizer. i don’t think it will actually hurt that you used vaseline, obwohl. if you’re really worried, call the artist and ask.

    sharp shorty
      @scharf shorty

    OK, first off, Welcome to the forum peoples!

    Nächster, you should do exactly as your artist told you, but if he/she is not that experienced you should follow the directions in how to take care of your tattoo on this site.

    It will only help fight infection if it is an antibiotic, and vaseline is not. Seeing as though you went the whole four days without infection you are perfectly safe. Switch to a non scented lotion.

    When a tattoo is done properly it will flake and become itchy, scabbing is not a good thing, but it happens to the best sometimes. DO NOT ITCH IT! Slap it if you really need to.

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