also should i incorprate scott stevens into the tat
    well scott stevens is now retired and i already have a memorial tat on my chest

    sharp shorty
      @scharf shorty

    What do you have to hide the tattoo from?

    Do you need to have it covered for work or family or anything like that?

    If not where do you want to put it?

    If it was me and I was into something big time I would put it on my neck. Then again I’m a tattoo artist and a musician so it’s kind of part of the trade. As soon as I get some time I’m getting a tattoo machine that I drew up on the left side of my neck, and a guitar on my right. That’s me though, you need to do what your comfortable with. Do what your initial gut feeling told you to do, and put it where you think it would be best.

    I’m going to get my left hand done this summer also, to me hands and the neck basically say f**k you to all the ones who judge, but it also cuts alot of potential oppurtunities out of your life. Not that I care but for some they need to keep up appearances for their jobs and such.


    If it was me I would get on the outside of one of my ankles.

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