Hallo Leute,

So I am really wanting to get a tattoo very soon, like within the next year so I was wondering what you guys think would be a good place for it?

The most important part to consider is that I don’t want it to be seen. I would like it to be no bigger than maybe a post-it note for the first time, so that may help you give some advice. I am pretty interested in rib tattoos but I feel like if I were to wear a swimsuit my mother might see it. I mostly just really want it to not be seen, especially by my conservative mother, at least until I tell her that I have it. Ebenfalls, PLEASE DO NOT SAY LOWER BACK. NO TRAMP STAMPS.

Finally, I am a fairly young girl with no experience in the tattoo world so if you could offer any advice such as how bad the pain is or how to tolerate it, what a good price would be for a fairly simple tattoo of that size, really anything!

Thank y’all so much!


If you are worried about your mom seeing it and don’t want the tattoo to be seen you are not ready. Please wait until price and whether or not it is visible is not a concern before you get tattooed.

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