Hej alle. Yesterday I got a tattoo done at a convention, and after it was finished the artist put an ointment on the tattoo and wrapped it with cling film. Last night when I took the cling film and went to wash my tattoo for the first time I noticed that the ointment wasn’t coming off with water or the (mild) soap I was using. I wasn’t scrubbing or anything but I did try washing it multiple times and foaming the soap up and everything. The ointment just seems to still be covering that area as the whole the tattoo and skin around it is resistant to water and I can see and feel a slippery coat on top of the skin. I’ve tried coconut oil to try and break down the ingredients that would be in the ointment, but nothing seems to work. I’m concerned as I don’t want to over-moisturize if there’s already some sort of ointment on the tattoo. (I don’t know what kind of ointment it was) Does anyone know what it could be and what to do?