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I am a government welfare fraud investigator as my main role.

I also do a lot of freelance writing and editing mostly academic stuff.

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My dream is to one day be academic….I have so much respect and jealousy for that field that I’d rather not talk about it, lol….good for you tho man

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Now there’s an occupation I wasn’t expecting to see!

Do you talk to them before you introduce them to the oven? lol, I’m not trying to be sick but I honestly think I would if I worked that job

ne. Only the occasionalyou should have went on a dietwhen loading onto the table. They are all boxed up so not really any face time.
Even when I worked in the funeral home and would work with the bodies I never talked to them.

Nothing sick about it. It makes for some interesting dinner conversations because people are curious.


I.T. Manager, it pays the bills!


I used to be an auto mechanic but that didn’t pay the bills, now I’m a sales rep for a big pharmaceutical company. That does pay the bills, but destroys the soul. You can’t buy anything with a soul so I’m happy with the money.

Instagram: pacsyd

Hate to bump, but what an interesting topic; as a kid I had an interest in being a mortician, but I’m a pediatric nurse. 🙂


Don’t apologize. It was due for a good bump 🙂

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I also love my dogs but only Pugs and bulldogs. I would love a bulldog will defiantly have one eventually.

I am a Company Director of errrr my own company lol

My company does refurbishment for the Likes of Apple, Fujitsu and Siemens to name a few.

I will derail this slightly as I just had to show my Bulldog to Wardy hehe:p

His name was Bugzy, he died at age 5 last year:(




Kartu sam napravio veliki umjetnici širom svijeta – http://thebragartlist.mobuapps.london/

Hmm.. I see I have neglected to add my own response!

To borrow an idea from up above:

I turn this:

into this:

and from there into this:

so people like David can make this:


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cool now we know what our main mod does!

I love the bulldog, what a beauty, shame their health can be so fragile,

trenutno nosi 250 sati, i još mnogo toga da idem, licemjerje objasniti što znači da je moj tinte, svoj lični, radi se o ko sam ja

I’m a CPA (Ceretified Public Accountant for those who dont’ znati) and a business consultant. Self-employed, no boss which is nice. I just get to yell at myself. Worked at public CPA firms for a while, then went to private industry and was a controller and then a CFO. After being laid off due to budget cuts (or maybe I just did a shit ass job and that was their excuse) I decided no more working for anybody ever again.


I’m a Veterinary Technician & Adoption Counselor at a Humane Society. Or at least that’s what they call me. I dab in pretty much everything at the shelter because we’re so small. I am essentially the Feline Coordinator as of now since that has recently been consuming most of my time, although I work with all the animals. That and managing interns, volunteers & other employees. I’ll be leaving my wonderful job in August to move away for school. I just graduated high school a semester early in January at only 17. I’d been working part time at my shelter while trying to finish up school and am happy that they promoted me to my current full time position. I feel pretty lucky to 17 and already in a job very close to my dream job.

I also run my own pet sitting business, like Defiance, and do behavior consults and private sessions for dog training. It’s all on the side and most of the dogs I train with were adopted from our shelter or are clients of mine.

So that’s me. 🙂

Curiosity was framed. Ignorance killed the cat.

You sound way more mature than I was at 17, or am now!

Are you going to continue your pet-sitting business in college? Advertise that stuff at local hospitals/home health facilitiesDoctors and nurses who work 12-24 smenama, sometimes spur of the moment, will gladly shell out $20+ in an emergency to have someone feed the cat/clean the litter box.


Well thanks. 🙂

I may. My current business is much more intensive. I actually go and live at people’s houses for the week or two that they are away. I won’t be able to do that much when I move, but I’ll probably still do some small stuff like letting dogs out and doing cats. Thanks for the idea!

Curiosity was framed. Ignorance killed the cat.

Work as a Screen Room Operator in a silk screen printing & embroidery facility. We put designs and logos on all kinds of stuff, from hoodies and T’s to shot glasses and pens. Everything but the best one of all obviously, koža! 🙂

Lizard King

I have just joined the forum and recently left a few comments (hopefully helpful) for those who need to change a tattoo or remove one completely. I am fascinated by tattoos but as yet do not have one myself. I have always wanted to get a traditional Polynesian tattoo, like a Samoan Pe’a but I need to get there first.
I work in the corporate world shuffling paper (it blows chunks) and am currently based in Asia. In my spare time I research various interesting topics and am not a dick.
Lizard King

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