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Въвеждане на Crash Ван Зан

Въвеждане на Crash Ван Зан Introducing Crash Van Zan Crash Van Zan is an outstanding tattoo artist who works at Wicked Addictions in Oakland Tennessee. Crash is a Navy veteran who is originally from Lafayette in Los Angles. His tattoo portfolio brims with a variety of styles and pieces, from black and grey realism to colourful characters. When we first

Въвеждане татуировка художник: Джей Кени

Ужас парче от Джей Кени Introducing Jay Kenny who also is known as GhostImage_artwork on insta. The Stoke on Trent artist is based at Flawless tattoos and permanent makeup in Oakhill. Jay specialises in realism pieces with a creepy twist. When you look at Jay's Instagram page you will be greeted with a variety of dark and horror inspired pieces. They're

Въвеждане татуировка художник: Jodie McConnell

Tattoo by Jodie McConnell

Introducing Jodie McConnell This weeks interview is with the lovely Jodie McConnell who co-owns Yobori-Ink with her husband Andy, in Fife, Scotland. The name of the shop comes from the word Yobori is a slang word in Japanese for tattooing done with a machine. When we asked Jodie for a random fact she told us

3 Ukrainian Tattoo Artists you NEED to know about.

3 of the most talented tattoo artists in Ukraine. Ukraine is home to some fantastic tattoo artists, who are often unheard of. These artists have incredible talent, create truly unique pieces, and artists who dare to be different. This is an interesting perspective on tattoo artists from around the world and perhaps a chance for

An Interview With A Tattoo Artist: Introducing Jo Socha.

Recently we interviewed Jo, a vibrant and successful tattoo artist, who does some of the most intricate tattoos we’ve ever seen. From Butterflies to portraits, Jo has done it all. Ex-lawyer Jo has had a massive career change and we think she rocks for going after her goals. Hi Jo, we are so happy to

An Interview With A Tattoo Artist: Jason Mccillen

Jason Mccillen, a father of two, tattoo enthusiast, the co-owner of Studio Mayhem Tattoos and just a genuinely nice guy. Based in Whittlesey, Studio Mayhem inherited its name from the chaos of their studio, but with humour like Jason’s you can’t really expect any different. Here’s what happened when we spoke to Jason about all things

An Interview With A Tattoo Artist: Introducing Heather Stagg.

Heather Stagg is the co-owner of Black Tide, usually accompanied by her adorable sausage dog Izzy. Heather is based in Stafford in the West Midlands in a horror-themed studio, where she enjoys to tattoo bold colourful pieces, especially horror. In the 6 years she’s been tattooing she’s created a large portfolio of statement pieces. Здрасти