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Shirley Pettigrew- Studio xiii If you’re looking for awesome horror-themed blackwork tattoo, you need to go see Shirley Pettigrew. With a number of creepy twists on characters makes her work one of a kind. Our favourite piece is this amazing horror styled dead Dobby. All of her work is super detailed and looks beautiful whilst

Скок в тази седмица татуировка новини | 28 февруари издание

  Eye tattoo went seriously wrong Aleksandra Sadowska is a die hard fan of professional MMA fighter and rapper ‘Popek’. She is such a big fan recently had her eyeballs tattooed to match Popek’s! Popek is not only famous for being a rapper and professional MMA fighter, but he also has plenty of tattoos and

Татуировка новини за седмицата | 21-ви февруари 2020

Изображение от @AmberJayInk

Minnie Mouse tattoo by @Amberjayink With the mushy-ness of Valentine’s Day out of the way, it’s time to focus on what’s really important. Pancake day! ох, и татуировки. In tattoo news weekly, we have a number of stories to share! From celebrity tattoos to the heartfelt and meaningful, we have it all! Keep reading to