Sentimental Son Tributes Father With A Back Tattoo

Check out this Hull City backpiece dedicated to a man’s father, it’s important to note that this tattoo isn’t dedicated to the loss of his father, his father is still alive. The tattoo itself takes up a majority of the expanse space on this mans back, and features a father and son figure walking into the distance, surrounded by newspaper clippings relating to Hull City. One of the newspaper clippings, in particular, shows a real football news headline from the Hull Daily Mail that dates back to 2008.

The tattoo is in black and white, and yet incredibly detailed. The linework is great and nothing appears to be blurry, it’s sharp and crisp artwork. The tattoo is dedicated to his father, who would take him to football matches, so alongside a talented tattoo artist named Ivano Foddai, they worked together to create a stunning tribute piece. This is a fantastic way to remember happy times in your life, and one great way to celebrate memories. This tattoo is full of detail and features many details that have actually existed, such as the steps that the father and child are walking up.

عالم اخبار الوشم

Aaron Carter Gets Another Face Tattoo

The child star Aaron Carter, now aged 32, recently got a new face tattoo. He decided on getting a tattoo which most people would fear, and that’s his girlfriend’s name tattooed right above his eyebrow. This is a really controversial move, and a majority of us wouldn’t even dare get a friend or partners name tattooed on your body, let alone your own face.

Chatham Tattoo Exhibition

Starting from the 21st of March to the 14th of June, Chatham Historic Dockyard will be hosting a tattoo exhibition. This exhibition will be held to celebrate British art and British tattoos, as tattoos are linked to workers in the dockyards of Chatham. The aim of the exhibition is to break any preconceived taboo ideas of tattoos and celebrate tattoo artists. You can actually submit stories and photos of your own tattoos, an