I completely obsessed over my first tattoo which was 6 words, “Love and Tolerance Gratitude and Service”. I played around with the fonts, switched out “و” for the symbol “&”, etc. It was perfect when I handed to the artist a piece of paper with notes on the font and spacing. Somehow he made theCof Tolerance and Service into anO”. I am assuming he thought the stencil just didn’t pick up what he thought should be anOwhen it was actually aC”. With all the wiping and smearing of the lettering as he was doing it, we didn’t realize it until almost the end. He was apologetic and said it could be fixed with some magic, – That his mentor had showed him how to useskin toneto cover up and he proceeded to use white and a little beige before calling it quits. He said the black would be taken over by the skin tone but that it might take a little touch up in a week or so. 2 days later there is no significant improvement.

وبالتالي, I don’t see any significant change thus far and wouldn’t expect to. Is this something that can be covered up with additionalskin toneand clean up of the C in black? I’m really wrecked by the irony of this. The phrase is a recovery phrase, but it’s really hard to be tolerant and grateful of such a FU. Insight into a fix? Appreciate it.

I tried to attach 2 pics but don’t see them as being attached. If they don’t attach, just imagine a C being closed to an O.



حسنا… لذلك تم إرفاق أي صور.

but the answers are below

depending on the size of the lettering you really have a few options.

  1. you could cover the entire piece and start again with someone who takes more care in their work
  2. you could get lazer removal (i dont suggest this) as it will take time to heal, is expensive and then after someone has to fix it anyways.

the wholematching skin tonesis him trying to cover his arse imo.

there is currently 220 shades of skin tone available for women for make up, but there is none for tattooing unfortunately.




hope this helped a bit, and on behalf of our industry, i do apologise



Hey Soott, (Just kidding! Scott,)

How could he do that!? Damn. I have an idea for you. If it’s big enough, you can add little lines like a cross-out so resemble a C it’s less noticeable or add wedge triangles to those 2 o’s so they’ll look like pacman.

Love and Toleran<e Gratitude and Servi‹e \⍩⃝/

Love and Toleranoe Gratitude and Servioe

Love and Toleranoe Gratitude and Servioe

Love and Toleran©e Gratitude and Se®vi⊗e

Love and ToleranØe Gratitude and Serviθe

Love and Toleranoe Gratitude and ServiÑe





سوبر ستارز ستوديو الوشم وديجا,

شكر. إجازة, SOOTT made me laugh my ass off! Thanks again!

Not sure what happened to the pics. اوه حسنا.

Update, I met with the studio owner and the artist actually changed MY template to suggest that I gave him a template with the wrong spelling. Thank God for video surveillance and my phone video! I proved his ass wrong and the owner couldn’t have been more apologetic and willing to work with me his most experienced artist to get this corrected, and a credit for the work done.

With one of the C’s where the artist (term used loosely) tried to add some white and skin tone to cover up the closing of the C, he apparently went so deep or perhaps just so repeatedly that it scabbed up pretty well and pealed out, so I do have one C at this point. On the other, it’s still an O, but the closed side of the C is a little more fine and should be able to be covered up by some skin tone.

We’ll see how it all turns out. I’m optimistic and have a follow up appointment for the correction coming up 12/14.

SOOTT! At least I haven’t lost my sense of humor!


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هذا أمر محبط حقا! Sorry to hear that happened. I wanted to throw in my two cents because I had some black that needed to be touched up and was told it is possible.


I had a piece done and felt the artist had been a little sloppy with some outlines: overextending them, etc. I didn’t feel comfortable going back to him to ask him to fix it. After it was healed, I went to another shop and had a consultation discussing touching up the questionable areas. In talking with this other artist, I thought she had overlooked the main line (black outline) I wanted to beerasedback to flesh color. I pointed it out and I said I assumed nothing could be done to get rid of it. She kinda brushed it off saying that covering it with fleshtones would be easy and that it was the other areas that concerned her.


Take that as you will. I never got around to having it touched up so I can’t share any actual results. أيضا, you don’t necessarily have to go back to that artist. Personally, I wouldhe seems sincere in wanting to fix it and he’s (supposedly) trained to do so, لكن, if you’re extra careful and respectful in your approach, another artist may be willing to fix it for you, rather than fully covering it up (that’s how my consultation went, anyway).


حسنا… I take back my comment that he seems sincere


So glad it seems to be working out though!

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