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Thread: tattoo scabs.?

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    Default tattoo scabs.?

    this is not a question.

    tattoos should NOT scab.
    it is NOT the fault of your artist that your tattoo is now scabby and gross.
    and if your tattoo artist did not give you proper care instructions intern leading to a scab over your tattoo then you should report them to the A.P.T. (alliance of professional tattooists)

    the question of "why is it scabbing" is only fueling my argument that you must pass some sort of intelligence test before receiving a tattoo..becasue the proper care of one is not rocket science it is a mix of common sense and personal hygiene.

    i am a body piercer and have worked in a professional tattoo studio for over 8 years under A.P.T. accredited tattoo artists.
    i understand dry spots and a bit of flaky peeling is normal, but full on scabs?

    people are asking these questons and explaining that their tatoo is all over scabbed and dried out/peeling.
    that's not normal.
    and i want to thank the childish rebuttals in advance.
    i've created this so when all of those kids who ask the same question they can simply search and refer back to this. so they don't have to ask the same question over and over again.
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    I'll have to pull you on this a little, people are supposed to beable to define between drying out and scabbing? I'm sure it is pretty much the same thing in alot of first timers minds and I can understand that. Yes huge thick scabs are not good, but have been pretty much the way tatts have been healed for along time until recently with modern methods needles and aftercare. Now to say that you expect people to define between drying out and flakey skin and full on scabs is tough when people are new to tattooing. Obviously they will ask what is going on, crusty skin is a scab in most peoples eyes.
    I do agree with you that full on scabs are not good these days, but you know over 20 years ago when you weren't the only person using the needles (and many artists used the needles well beyond blunt) and recovery was dealt with with vasaline (probably the worst drying out agent you can apply) scabbing was pretty normal and just looked upon as normal.
    The idea that people aren't getting aftercare info is terrible and you have to remember scratchers and incompetants will always leave scabs they are ripping your skin to bits, and we have plenty of them around so the ideal is lovely but unrealistic, and to be real I doubt if you ask many artists if they can be sure to not leave a scab of some sort you'd be looking for a long time.
    I do agree in what you say though, modern tattoo art does not deserve serious scabs although is completely unavoidable all the time on every tattoo.
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