I was reading a couple of blogs earlier and i have come across a load of "Science Tattoo's"

BNasically the science community are not quite as reserved as you all think from the look of things and some of their tattoo's are certainly well thought out.

Here the picture at the top shows a DNA sequence read the story to find out why its so special.

over at cephalopodcast the ocean podcast there is a post about people who have octupus tattoo's and the reasons behind them my favourite being "When I was a kid my uncle took me scuba diving, and I held a small octopus on that arm [where I got my tattoo]. It was such an amazing experience…"

Other than those there is a guy who has the Windows blue screen of death tattoo

Celebrity tattoos has a great post with a load of other geeky tattoos here i especially like the super mario sunflower one on the bottom of the back
If you have any photos or pics of science tattoo's or you know anyone who has one then we would like to hear about it and see htose pics